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What Is CNC Routing?

 CNC  stands for Computer Numerical Control.  A CNC machine is like a router,  a woodworking tool with a very fast-spinning cutter, but which is  controlled by a computer in 3 axis.  This allows the router to cut  designs created in a computer, such as signs, logos, pictures, various  component parts—just about anything that can be drawn up on a computer  can be cut by this machine into various materials.  Wood is one obvious  material choice, but also soft metals, plastics, and sign foams can be  carved. 

 Once  cut, many different surface applications can be done to enhance the  product, such as painting, gold or silver leafing , staining, and  surface finishing. 


Multiple  copies of products are very simple to produce and one or a hundred  signs, parts, or pictures are as easy as telling the machine how many to  cut.  The cost of setting up the software is a one time coast, whether  you need one or a thousand of the same product.

Cncrouting’s machine is capable of cutting materials up to 4 feet wide by  8 feet long and 6 inches tall.  Special effects can also be produced by  this machine, mimicking handwork, such as textured backgrounds.

Imagine  the impact of a 3-D sign carved with “V” grooved letters with perhaps  some fine gilding compared to a flat printed sign at the entrance to  your business. 


Woodworkers  and cabinet makers who occasionally have large tabletops or glue-ups  which are too big to flatten practically by hand or with their own  machinery can benefit from cncroutings’ CNC machine, which can  create perfectly flat surfaces for them.

Manufacturers  who need specialty parts that they cannot produce themselves can  utilize cncrouting’s CNC services, eliminating the capital  expenditure required for new equipment that may not be used again.   cncroutings can also produce unique gifts for valued employees or  imminent retirees.

CNCrouting can turn your ideas into reality


Want something unique for corporate gifts?  How about relief sculpted plaques in your choice of woods?

Do  you need a part for a product you can manufacture?  Knight Toolworks  can work from your design and produce 1 or 1,000—each one a precise  reproduction of your design.

Do  you own a trophy shop and want to offer your customers something truly  unique?  Explore the possibilities cncrouting’s  CNC services can  provide

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